We are so grateful for you! Thanks for supporting Little Bay Boards. We appreciate your business and had so much fun designing and building your board.

Because we would rather be building boards than being glued behind a computer, we do as much grassroots marketing as possible, this means we need your help! If you had a positive experience with us and love riding on your one of a kind board, here are some places you could leave us a positive review. Your support while we sustain and grow our small business is invaluable!


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You know what helps us breath when we are in the shop with surf-board-saw-dust floating through the air? We LOVE seeing smiling faces enjoying our boards! Would you like to be featured on the Testimonials page of our website? If so, send us a picture of you (or your dog, or your kids) with your board and a few lines of text about how much enjoyment your board brings you and your family! (Email your photo and testimonial to info@littlebayboards.com - or you can use the bottom of the Testimonial page to submit your kind words.)

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