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Creating stand up paddle boards from wood offers several advantages. Aesthetically, it produces a beautiful product, truly a work of art. Patterns and grains are revealed and pieced together to create something no one else can claim as their own.

Little Bay Boards strives to use reclaimed wood and locally-sourced materials when building your paddleboard. There are no chemical processes or polyurethane foam used in production. Strips of wood are meticulously chosen for their beauty and pieced together by hand, in a hollow board design glassed together with low VOC resin. Simple by design, but virtually indestructible.

On the water the waves and wood blend together allowing the rider to become as one for an experience that is unmatched by any commercially produced paddle or surfboard.

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Truly one-of-a-kind, each board is designed for its rider. Height, weight, ability, and desired activity are all factored into your board. Will you be using your board to skim the open waters of the Great Lakes, or staying further inland? Do you plan to ride freshwater or saltwater? Do you plan to traverse open water or rivers? Will you use your board for surfing? Yoga? Pilates? Do you plan to wear a pack while paddling or will you frequently be enjoying the experience with your dog (or child)?

These questions and more are all part of the design and creation of your custom hollow-wood designed SUP or surfboard.


Each and every Little Bay Board is produced using the same hollow-core, eco-friendly concept utilizing only the finest hand picked materials.  From start to finish, our attention to detail results in unmatched beauty and quality providing the rider with a board that will last a lifetime.  Worldwide shipping is available on any Little Bay Board.


I took my board for her maiden voyage yesterday in Little Traverse Bay. What a special ride it was. It’s true what Jason says, the wood is alive and standing on my Little Bay Boards was unlike any other paddle board. I can’t say enough about the craftmanship and artistry of Jason. Thank you very much.
— Kimberly


We met Jason Thelen today, the artist and builder of my beautiful board. A wonderful experience from start to finish. Though the final product was a surprise, Jason created exactly what I wanted. I immediately put it in the river upon returning home to Leland and was so delighted with the ride. Found my sweet spot for standing and she glided beautifully. The board is very stable and I loved the reverberation of the water through the wood. Jason’s thoughtfulness in construction is even evident in the paddle which is only a pound and is curved to reduce stress on the arms and back. Wow!! So happy!! And the board is only 28 lbs! Thank you Jason! JOY!!
— Jenn

This board is my husband’s and he absolutely loves it! It is incredibly light at 28 lbs and maneuvers so easily. It doesn’t pitch or rock in waves as much as our older “traditional” board. We are extremely happy that we had this beauty crafted by Jason!
— Susan