Stand Up Paddle Boards in Charlevoix

charlevoix, michigan
Charlevoix Wooden Paddle Board designed by LIttle Bay Boards

Little Bay Boards


Just like each coastal town along the Lake Michigan shoreline, no two Little Bay Board custom wood paddleboards are alike. 

Your Little Bay Board can be custom made to your specifications to enhance your experience on the water.


A perfect EVENING paddling ALONG the CHARLEVOIX SHORELINE and Pine River Channel.

Just imagine nothing but you and your Little Bay Board enjoying a nice cruise along the Pine River channel heading out to the lighthouse to witness a spectacular sunset. Head back for a loop in Round Lake. Perfect evening... just you and your custom wooden paddle board.

Most customers are not ready for all the attention they get when riding their Little Bay Board. They answer a few questions and enjoy the recognition of the one of a kind custom paddle board underneath them.