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Here we build highly sought after, eco-friendly custom Paddle, Wake and Surf boards. Unique in their art and style, these boards have found their way around the globe and for that I am truly lucky. Because they're so unique, LBB has been constantly approached over the years by miscellaneous charitable events, and I’ve been lucky enough to do a few. But as you can imagine, donating a week-and-a-half worth of work and materials is costly and hard to do more than just a couple times a year.

That’s why I created “Boards for Reasons".

It’s a Patron-based entity of this shop.

Patronage goes way back in history and actually some of the most famous pieces of art the world has ever known are due to the Patrons who supported them. It was mostly aristocrats who fancied the idea of being involved in something creative allowing the artist to then work freely without the pressures of trying to make a living off of what they did. Artists create better when they are not stressed. :)  LBB is a pretty established company and is lucky enough to hold its own in the creation department.

So, Boards for Reasons will be a separate piece of that puzzle.

With the help of patrons like you, we will create and donate to multiple charities over time. Your small donations added together with others will make it possible to supply a custom paddle board free-and-clear for donation. The selected charities can then use it how ever they need to: raffle, auction or donate. Charities will receive 100% of the profit for their cause.

And to sweeten the deal beyond the warm fuzzy feeling you’ll get from knowing you're helping to do something good in this world, as a “Boards for Reasons” Patron, you’ll receive specialty gifts from LBB including but not limited to...discounts, “first dibs” on merch and specialty notifications of what your donations are helping to do.

So come on board with me and help be part of the change this world needs. Thank you for your time and donations.

“Individually we are one drop of water...
But together we are the whole Ocean....”
— Jason Thelen, Owner & Artist
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My goal is for one board donated per month, and a different charity benefits each time. All across the country. It doesn’t take much more than a big heart and a $1 or so a month to help.


“Save the Trees” 2018 Board Build, Helping raise funds for the Little Traverse Conservancy.


2018 accomplishments


2019 accomplishments